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Content curation allows you to discover, gather and present digital information pertaining to a specific subject matter. Some people might still be calling content curation a ‘buzzword’ but the truth is that it is fast becoming an essential part of online marketing. The difference between content marketing and content curation is in the former you generate new content whilst in the latter you collect data from various sources and deliver it in an organized manner. A content curator is not responsible for generating new content but their job is to gather relevant data and unknown facts regarding a specific category and present this information in one coherent whole to the readers.

Content curation is your RSS feed, the links posted on blogs, your social media feeds or any online news mash-up. The content is varied and diverse. From videos to articles and pictures, to podcasts, anything that can be shared can also be curated. You experience content curation firsthand in the form of Twitter and Facebook’s newsfeed. There is a plethora of information on the internet. To make the most of your content curation experience for your business, you need to select the most updated, relevant content you can find.

Just like you always want the best of the best, similar is the case with content curation. Readers are encouraging the idea of content curation as it allows them to see the latest trends in a particular niche. They step aside from content that is not relevant to them. Most companies use content curation for thepurpose of driving Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Companies increase their chances of exposure by content curation on particular subjects. Here are five steps you can start following now to start curating like a pro: (more…)

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Being awesome is not just an attitude, it’s an ideology. Those who live their lives by this ideology are the ones whom you see acing everything in their lives. By being awesome, you not only open up opportunities and options for your own self but also send out positive vibes to those around you, in your close vicinity. I have assembled a list of actionable tips that are more of reminders you need to constantly remember to become generally awesome at everything you do:

1- Get a Mentor

The key to growing and succeeding is to follow a path. If you are unsure about which path to follow, you can find yourself a mentor. Your mentor can be anybody who inspires you and makes you feel awestruck. If there isn’t any mentor in your life, maybe you haven’t paid enough attention yet.

2- Be Emotionally Intelligent

You need to take life decisions with careful insight. You need to separate your emotions from the decisions you take in your life. Awesomeness is about taking the right decision at the right time and in order to do that, you need to use both your heart and your mind. (more…)

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Major part of our lives

A major part of our lives revolve around moving from one stop to another with little consideration to small details in life. Here, I am going to present some uniquely weird facts that most of us are likely to forget in the everyday hustle of life. These facts will partly or completely blow your mind away:

  • The reason why Native Americans have names like Rising Sun and Running Water is because they used to name their children after the first thing that they’d see after the birth of a child.
  • In the Matami tribe of West Africa, football is played with a human skull.
  • The word ‘set’ in English language has the highest number of definitions.
  • You can compare a human thigh bone with concrete and the former is going to turn out stronger.
  • You are born with 300 bones in your body but by the time you’re old and grown up, you are down to 206.
  • Coca Cola is originally green but gets its black color due to food colorants.
  • If you happen to visit or stay in Nebraska, do not sneeze or burp in a church there because chances are you would end up behind the bars as it is against the law to burp or sneeze in a church there.
  • Earth remains the only planet in our solar system that is not named after a God.


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How to Search for SomethingWith how easy it is to get access to all kinds of information in the blink of an eye these days, it is more important now than ever before to understand which information can be ignored and which information is actually relevant to whatever you’re doing at a given time. Having answers to pretty much any conceivable question a couple clicks away has led to a kind of information overload for many people. Knowing how to dig through that information and find what you’re actually searching for is a skill today, and like most skills, it’s something that people need to develop.

Understanding how to use a search engine is a great first step here. There are many different free websites that will attempt to get you in touch with other websites containing the words or content you search for initially. Part of doing a good search for information is making sure you search for specific terminology, numbers, dates and other points whenever possible. For example, a simple search for “Martin Luther King Jr.” would probably yield a biography of the man, while just adding the extra word “speech” to the end of the query would be better for looking up his I Have a Dream speech.

If you want to find something using the Internet, you kind of already need to know what it is you’re looking for; at least enough so that you can tell your search engine something to get it started. For another example anyone could understand, let’s say you wanted to shop for some new hunting boots. You could technically search for terms like “hunting gear”, “hunting equipment” or “hunting clothes”, but none of those other three search terms would get you more viable results than if you had simply searched for “hunting boots” in the first place.

The Internet is an amazing resource, a place full of information where you can learn just about anything if you’re willing to take the time to look it all up on your own. But the Internet is also a place where everyone seems to be trying to sell something, so when you’re using it, try to search for websites as if you’re someone looking to make a purchase. Including the word “buy” at the beginning of your search terms could actually help a lot in getting you results you can use from your search. You would search for “buy hunting knives”, for example; or just click here for the same.

Now that you know a little more about searching for things online, there’s one more resource you should probably look into if you still need help with this. Google Adsense is a service that keeps track of the phrases people search for, as well as how often those phrases are searched in a given time period, as well as which phrases are the most often searched. Most often searched tends to equate to most often answered, so if you’re not finding what you want with the terms you’re using now, checking Adsense for other options can help you close the gap.

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After reading just one or two of my most recent posts, you would have learned that my overriding theme and approach to life is awesomeness. I value every new daily discovery I make and, after some quick research and preparation, I can’t wait to share (or curate) what I’ve learned with the rest of the world. Most people today have access to the internet so, even if they confine their online visits to what interests them specifically, the opportunities to learn something new about themselves and the world in which they live in are endless.

Never stop learning

To extend on this awesome theme, use this important bit of advice as your new motto every day; never stop learning. Most readers here are young, so the hunger and thirst for knowledge remains urgent. This is also why most of what is curated here takes on an educational tone. Older people who are nearing the end of their work lives can be forgiven for thinking that it’s almost time to put their feet up and take a long and well-deserved rest. But to what end?

Thanks to knowledge-based resources, both online and through conventional print mediums, many people are living longer, sometimes in excess of twenty years after retirement. But those who sit around doing very little, moving from one day to the next just to survive, sometimes end up enduring years of unhappiness and poor health. Senior citizens, as much as we all respect them for the contributions that they have made over the years, also need to buck up and learn something new in order to see to it that their last, remaining years are as awe-inspiring as possible.

New learning opportunities

Imagine what they could achieve by combining their existing reservoir of knowledge and experience with the technology we now have available to expand our learning horizons. Folks, young and old, can learn new tricks and trades by exploring the possibilities on offer from helpful resource centers such as this one. Not even the country’s best colleges are out of reach anymore. Previously, through ignorance and lack of financial backing, thousands of men and women were excluded from attending the nation’s colleges and tech training schools.

No longer, although some of the best post-graduation schools still have understandably high entrance criteria that new students need to fulfill, hundreds of other smaller colleges have opened their doors to the overwhelming possibilities of online learning. From the comfort of their home and when time away from work allows this, students now have access to interactive interfaced learning environments. Books have always been expensive, but the benefits of learning virally give students access to hundreds of e-learning links. So, whether you want to study or train to become a beautician, medical doctor or full-time professional writer or curator, you now know that this is possible.

Even if you never wish to see the doors of another school again, the internet still provides you with large volumes of material on how you can make improvements to your life and surroundings and live the most awesome life possible.

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4 Relaxing and Cool SportsAs I grew up I had a few role models. Some of them were engineers, some police officers, some were cleaners. In high school I had colleagues which I thought were really cool and interesting. Some of them used play some sports, others musical instruments etc. My professor at that time was probably the most interesting person I knew. She was smart, provocative, kind, intelligent and very good at listening to people.

But you’re not born interesting. Babies aren’t interesting. They drool, they have cute toes, they look at you with and smile, but they’re not really interesting. Children can be interesting if they’re given appropriate conditions to develop, like freedom to express themselves and to do some creative work, and to play, of course. But how can you become interesting as a grownup? By learning different things and by learning how to properly express yourself through art, interesting conversations or some other things which, in the end, can turn you into an interesting person. Here are a few tips!

  1. Develop some skills

For the first step you need to consider what is it that you know how to do which could be interesting to others. If the answer is that you don’t know anything or that your skills are boring, you should start developing some new ones. Depending on what kind of a person you are, start thinking about what you would like to learn and then learn it!

  1. Storyteller

I like to tell a good story, and everyone likes to hear a good story. For some people it’s easy to tell a good story, but for the others it is not. But that can change with just a little bit of effort. Don’t just say whatever comes to your mind first. Think about it and put it into a good sentence. Appreciate what you can give to others and just start believing you can do it!

  1. Learn to play a musical instrument

Music is the essence of life. Its represents finest and most beautiful of all arts. So I admire all those amazing people that play some kind of musical instrument. I had a friend that played the guitar. It’s not a hard instrument to learn. Lessons can be learned on YouTube so it’s free. It’s really great when someone in the group plays something. That person is usually considered as an artist who brings joy and happiness to the rest of the group. I recently bought one of these digital pianos – and I’m also striving to become more interesting everyday! I have choosen the Williams Allegro 88-Key Digital Piano. It’s awesome!

  1. Read

Reading is something every human should consider as relevant if they want to stay in touch with the world. You don’t have to travel a lot to know something about something. Today it’s really easy to come in contact with any kind of information, on the internet especially. If you read what you like and show interest for new kinds of information and ideas, in the end you will have all the knowledge which could be interesting and exciting to your friends. Read!

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4 Relaxing and Cool SportsPeople like sports for a number of reasons. Some sports are more interesting than others and some are easier than others. But all of them are made for making people feel better, healthier and happier. Children enjoy playing games during which they can feel free and develop their creativity and emotional intelligence by connecting with other children. There are also old people who like playing golf because they like to see how their ball raises and travels through the air. It is all enjoyable.

There is something in those cool young folks that are riding skateboards or bikes, looking fresh and smiling with healthy spirit. You can feel it! The point of relaxing sports is exactly that. You won’t sweat during fishing, unless there is a shark behind you. But you will feel proud after you catch good looking fish. Different sports, different people. Every now and then I see some new idea for some interesting sport. And it excites me to see that there are so many alternatives through which I can choose the best for myself. Here are some awesome sports which you might want to think about!

  1. Snooker

I like to play snooker with my friends. The game is played on the table which has six holes, with a cue and 22 balls. The important balls are the white and the black one. The black one needs to be put last and the white one is used to push the other balls into the holes.

  1. Golf

Contrary to people’s opinion, golf is not just for elderly people. Young folks enjoy it too. The game is played on a course and it can have nine or eighteen holes. You need some equipment like golf clubs or a quality rangefinder. The point of the game is to have a low number of strokes. The terrain can have some obstacles like a little lake, sand or something else which can put player in a difficult position.

  1. Hunting

The point of hunting usually is a trophy. A gun or a bow is needed for killing the animal. You can also have additional equipment such as knives, cameo gear, or hunting rangefinders like this one. Pelts, heads or some other parts of the animals are considered a trophy. I saw a documentary how stuffing the animals work. Which is what happens with the animal after it is hunted down. Taxidermists clean stuff and preserve some part of the animal so it can be placed on the wall or some other place in the house.

  1. Frisbee

I like to go out and play with my friends with a Frisbee. It’s really fun and cool. It is played with a flying disc and the goal is to pass the disc to the player on the opposing end zone. Of course, running with the disc is not allowed. When it’s played outdoors it is played 7vs7, and of course the substitutes are allowed to go in, in case of injury or some other situation.

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5339417410_fb2c9ef141_bEveryone dreams about making money while sleeping, or at least about making money from home. The fun fact is that today that is easier than it ever was before. The truth is that in today’s world there are plenty of opportunities to make money from home. Simple people that struggled to make a living from a monthly salary showed us that, with some creativity and determination, you can succeed in anything you imagine.

I love to say to people around me that with some hard work and determination they can achieve that goal of making money from home. It’s not so hard when you think about it. Every generation to come will have even greater opportunities to work from home. Technology will improve, and to improve it will need the help of everybody. Today, many young people already have ideas for something new, for some better solutions etc. And with today’s opportunities of programing, home experimentation, writing for someone else, etc. you can make decent money from your couch.

  1. Classes from home

With some of my friends I can only talk through Skype, since they live far away from me. It is a great way to communicate with someone. And it is a great way to make money too. To teach someone foreign language all you need is time, a computer and your knowledge. I was once in a yoga studio which was located in a woman’s home. She had a large specious room which she used as a place to teach yoga. And I thought ‘what a great idea!’ So if you have some knowledge, why not use it for your own good. That also includes playing an instrument, dog training, cooking etc.

  1. Sewing clothes

One of the oldest jobs in the world is sewing, isn’t it? People used to sew clothes for their loved ones from home. They still do it today, and you can make money from it. Repairs and alterations will always be needed. For starters you’ll need a decent sewing machine, the right materials, a work place and the will to learn how to sew. And take some easier projects for starters, ones through which you’ll learn how to sew simpler things.

  1. Making amigurumi

Amigurumi are sculptures made of fabric. To make amigurumi, you need to know how to stich and how to make round spherical parts which are later used as body parts for amigurumi. There are many different shapes which you can make. It’s all in the practice though. A nice machine like the ones here can help a bit, but you mostly have to do all the work by hand. Many want little animals or some other sculptures as souvenirs or as gift for their children. So if you learn how to crochet well, you could be on the way to making money by doing what you know, on your soft couch and in a peaceful atmosphere.

  1. Rent a room

If you have a spare room you can get money by renting it to someone who needs it. It’s simple and brings some good money with it. And if you put a little creativity in it, making your home lovable and unique, you will have no problems renting it out!

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Why Longboarding is AwesomeIsn’t it great when you drive in a fast car and you feel exited and lighter, a feeling of freedom so to speak. So when you think about which sport/hobby brings a similar sensation to that one, think a bit about longboarding. Longboarding is a quick and reliable way of getting to your goal. It saves money which you would use on transportation, saves your energy which you would use on walking instead, and it saves you time, which is probably most important thing.

But life is not just about money or time, life is about being healthy and happy! The way in which longboarders move is good exercise. For instance, the time which you would spend traveling to your work or to mama’s spaghetti on your bike is similar to longboarding. You move around on a board and your body feels great. People look at you and think, ‘I would like to do that’ because longboarding is great! Why?

  1. Time saving

One of the most important things regarding this sport is that is saves your time drastically. Whatever you do, go to college or go boarding just for fun, the thing you’ll notice is how much quicker you can make it to your goal by having a nice longboard. If you’re a student for instance, you know how to appreciate every second. It really, really matters. If you calculate the time you walk from one spot to the other sweating and thinking ‘will I make it?’, you’ll easily see that possessing something so great as a board, is going to change how you spend your time. Your time is yours to command!

  1. Range and fun

I think that lunch breaks are far too short to get anywhere if you need to do something important. But with a longboard like these ones, it is true that you can get to up 8x farther then without it. And if there is a coffee place or a restaurant which you like to visit, you can get there in a matter of just few minutes.

Regarding fun, can you imagine that some places that rent boards are charging an absurd amount of money for just one hour of riding it? Because more and more people are seeing how great it is to ride on it, they really turn a profit. The feeling of freedom, the wind on your face, the excitement that comes with the speed, it’s all part of the fun!

  1. Confidence

To master something is probably one of the best feelings you can have. I believe it makes you stronger on the inside and gives you the strength to think that you are smart and fast. And it lights up all other fields in your life. That is exactly what longboarding does to you.

  1. Creative thinking

If you need to act fast during an obstacle or a crowd of people, your brain’s going to start to think how to do that. Your perception needs to be good while riding. In my opinion, when you have to think about position and direction, while feeling your speed, you start to think smarter.

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Awesome Ways of Getting into ShapeEveryday should start with a bit of exercise, don’t you think? I star the morning by stretching my body in every way I see fit. I don’t have just one method for which I think it’s the best, I rather like to explore the ways which I think benefit my body the best. Some mornings I’m up for some yoga or tai chi, others for little bit of pilates or just arm stretching. The important thing is to do something! I figured that in that way it’s not just that I’m feeling better, but also it helps me stay fit! So there are number of ways of getting into shape, but some of them are simply better that the others. Which is better for you depends again on your preferences, body state and some other factors, but in the end it’s all in being determent to get yourself into shape! It’s the same old story for every big step in life – determination. My friend had some problems regarding his weight. So he decided that he doesn’t want to have those problems for the rest of his life. And he got determined to change that! The results are astonishing now. I’ll try to point you in the right way with some directions which I think are good for getting into shape. The rest is up to you.

  1. Rock climbing (indoor)

An amazing thing to do! Every now and then I like to go and to remind myself how much my body can stretch and in which ways can I put my foot on a different spot. It burns calories like crazy just by hanging from the wall. You feel your fingers stretching towards some spot which looks like miles away. It’s great for building strength and to remind you just how many muscles you really have. You start with some easier routes and then, depending how quick you progress, end up climbing like a chimp across some really heavy routes.

  1. Home gym exercise

For some people it is easier and better to do things at home. That includes workout. Abdominal workouts can be done at home if your home gym allows you to. Some machines have adjustable benches so that you can build your muscles from different angles. Depending on which home gym you have you can work on your legs, hips and some other parts of your body. I found a lot of nice power racks at – I definitely recommend it!

  1. Weightlifting

The first thing you need to remember when it comes to weightlifting is to always bring a towel to the gym, just so you can wipe off the machines which you use. It’s the polite thing to do. Don’t start with too much of weight, because there is a chance then that you’ll get injured. Do things slowly, or again you’ll get hurt. Listen to your body while you’re lifting so you can choose the difficulty which is best suited for you. The friend whom I mentioned bought these so he can exercise at home, and he got awesome results!

  1. Fencing

Swords and French words! A noble and old sport which builds every muscle in your body as well as burns fat. You’re gonna love it! I love to watch the competitors and just how quick and precise they try to sting the enemy armor. It is especially good for arms and legs. Your armor includes chest and arms armor and a mask which protects your face.

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Parkour as a way to wake up a Ninja in you

I have always been fascinated by the physical ability and dexterity of ninjas. Who is not, after all?!  It seems that there are no insurmountable barriers for them. If you have wished to try out these skills and master them, then you should begin with Parkour training. It is a way to wake up a Ninja inside you.

How do you know if he sleeps in you? Remember when you were a child, and you have enjoyed watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?  Do you remember climbing a tree, skipping the stairs, walking on curbs, the constant running because of which are you always considered as a troubled child? As we age, these skills are slowly neglected. And Ninja in us falls asleep.

We are moving every day. Every exit from the house is a movement from one point to another. That way is usually without obstacles. And when they exist, we bypass them. We try to make our life a snug, to facilitate things in all ways. We are adapting. One way to adapt is and to wear comfortable shoes, especially when the distance between the two points is big. Uncomfortable shoes can hamper you in many things. I find shoes that make different situations more comfortable at

There are many advantages of Parkour, and I will state only a few reasons to train it.

You use the whole body. Parkour is a discipline that does not have the ball and which does not use sports equipment in any form. Everything you need for this recreation is a strong body. Each exercise and each skipping and jumping involve the use of whole-body and relying on its strength. This activates virtually every muscle in the body. Obstacles in Parkour are not easy. However, running and jumping are much easier when you have good shoes. The best Parkour shoes you can find here:

It affects posture and movement. Parkour strengthens all the muscles and your core. This is very important because it prevents back pain, ensures proper posture and allows better and easier performing of all tasks. It enhances your perception and ability to identify barriers, as well as balance. Therefore, it is easier to overcome all obstacles in front of you.

It improves the condition. Obviously, you cannot jump from the wall to the wall if you are in a bad condition, and if you do not know how to jump. So, you should start from improving your fitness. First, run and jump without obstacles, and then increase the tempo and add simple barriers.

It sharpens your thinking. Especially if you do not train in the same place. Parkour can be practiced anywhere outside. You just need to find the hard way to get from point A to point B. Each new ground offers different obstacles, and your ability to make quick decisions in a critical time sharpened considerably.

It increases self-confidence. More difficult obstacles are new goals that you specify. Achieving them is the best way to gain confidence and to strengthen it!

Parkour allows you to manage obstacles on your way, whatever they may be. It strengthens your physical and your mental alertness and literally forces you to overcome obstacles. It is a shortcut to success, a faster way than their bypassing.

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Where is the future of agriculture

Population on the Earth is growing and the need for food growing, but the arable land is decreased. In fact, considering this course of events, it is not surprising that scientists are discussing the possibility of life on Mars. However, Mars is still insufficiently explored and it is left only to find a way to survive in these conditions, or to create new ones.

When we talk about food, we think primarily on agricultural production as a primary industry. It has been found that for the growth of plants, it is needed enough water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, minerals and light. So when we know what is required, then we can easily control conditions necessary for production of one plant. Moreover, we can make them much better, with controlled production indoors.

Vertical farming is the future of food production. It means producing in a closed space, through which circulate enough air. The lack of arable land in the vertical farming is compensated with water solutions. Specifically, for the growth of plants, the soil is not necessary. It is only a basis from which the plant draws the moisture and minerals. And this can be simulated in a closed space and without the soil – by cultivating in water solution. These are so-called hydroponic farms. Can we replace the sun? For the growth of plants, it is needed light, mostly red and blue colors of the spectrum. The Sun can be replaced with practical LED lights that emit such light, and thereby accelerating the process of plant growth.

One such interior farm can produce a lot more food than the outside farm, which is under the constant influence of natural conditions. And not only that it produces more food, but the plants grow twice as fast. In addition, these farms are energy saving. Led grow lights such as these are energy efficient, long lasting, they do not emit a lot of heat. These farms use nearly 80% less fertilizer and 90% less water. And this is very important because agriculture for irrigation uses 70% of freshwater flows in the world.

Our harsh reality and the future include the following facts: more people, more need for food, less arable land. And not only that. The development of industry leads to environmental changes and changes in climatic conditions. There are more and more bad weather conditions that do not conducive to the development of plants, and that may destroy the land. These farms are an excellent alternative in these cases. Even after disasters, earthquakes, tsunamis, there will be no shortage of food.

Finally, let us return to the possibility of life on Mars. The first question that arises is: Are there conditions for growing food? Is there a fertile soil? Is there water? What about electricity? If we can control all the conditions as in one hydroponic farm, then there is no fear that it is impossible to produce enough food. Yet, there are still plenty of obstacles for life on Mars. Until then, we should deal with the existing circumstances. Food production in the world today is not a problem of quantity. It is more a problem of its uneven distribution. While the food is thrown somewhere, in some places, people are dying of hunger. There is an amazing way to increase the production of food. We still have to find an amazing method for its equal distribution!

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Awesome Technology: 10 Cool Facts about LED Lights

LED lights are growing more popular by the day, and the reason for this is the fact that they are truly awesome. If you have yet to discover just how awesome the tiny Light Emitting Diodes are, I will be happy to help you by listing 10 incredible facts about them.

  1. LED lights use 75% LESS energy than incandescent bulbs.
    This fact alone is a good reason to replace all the light bulbs in your home by LED lights. Just imagine the size of savings on your energy bills. Of course, the initial investment will be hefty as LED lights aren’t exactly cheap. However, the savings in electricity make installing them one of the most energy-savvy solutions for a home.
  2. LEDs are eco-friendly.
    Incandescent light bulbs release almost 90% of the energy they consume as heat and fluorescent bulbs release about 80%. This is nice if you want to use your lamp as a space heater, but the waste of energy increases your carbon footprint greatly. You also shouldn’t forget the fact that the production of these types of light bulbs is anything but eco-friendly. LEDs, on the other hand, are the “greenest” kind of lights. The entire production-use-disposal cycle for the last generation LED lights is the most eco-friendly among all lighting systems available on the market today.
  3. LED lights last up to 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs.
    LEDs are low-maintenance lights, so you won’t have to worry about them after you get the pieces installed. On the average, they last 35-50 times longer than incandescent light bulbs, and 10 times longer than fluorescents. This further increases their cost efficiency. The fact that they have no glass parts to break greatly increases their longevity.
  4. LEDs are “instant on”.
    Forget about annoying warm up time, cool LED bars of today light up in an instant. This is the major reason as to why they are so popular with truck drivers and installed on various emergency service vehicles. Check out to learn more.
  5. They don’t attract insects.
    Note that there is a “but” to this rule. Insects are attracted by the color spectrum emitted by the light. Incandescent bulbs emit IR lights that draw the little buggers. The type of LEDs known as “warm white” is less likely to attract bugs.
  6. LED lights in delicatessen displays keep meat fresh.
    According to the results of several studies, meat displayed under LED lighting remains fresh longer than the pieces left for display under the glare of halogen lights.
  7. LEDs get brighter when it gets colder.
    Unlike fluorescent lights that perform poorly in cold climates, the efficiency of LEDs increases under these conditions.
  8. LED lights may help cure wounds.
    NASA is currently conducting a study of LEDs healing capabilities to determine whether they can be used to heal wounds in space.
  9. LED lights help grow corals.
    Growing corals is no easy task, but LEDs allow creating the perfect level of lighting without overheating the water, creating the conditions needed for coral growth.
  10. LEDs have been around since the 1960s.
    Light emitting diodes aren’t as new as many people think. The first LED light was created by Nick Holonyak Jr. in 1962.


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